HDMI plus IR Extender Kit

HDMI plus IR Over 2 CAT5 Kit
HDMI plus IR Over 2 CAT5 Kit
Item# 500405
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Send HDMI plus IR over two CAT5/6 cables.

Note: This item has been discontinued.

This HDMI IR/Extender Kit (500405) consists of a Transmitter (500406) and Receiver (500407). The Kit also works in conjunction with the HDMI+IR Distribution Hub. You need one Transmitter (500406) to connect to the distribution hub and up to 4 of the Receivers (part 500407).

This product allows you to send HDMI and IR controls over two CAT5/6 at the following resolutions and distances:

- 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i up to 300 ft. using CAT5e or CAT6
- 1080p up to 150 ft. using CAT5e
- 1080p up to 200 ft. using CAT6
- 1080p Deep Color up to 90 ft. using CAT5e
- 1080p Deep Color up to 150 ft. using CAT6

- Commercial and residential AV systems
- Classroom projector systems
- Digital signage
- Boardroom systems
- Collaborative PC systems
- Medical information systems
- Courtroom media presentations

The kit ships with one transmitter, one receiver, one IR Emitter, one IR Sensor and two power supplies.

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