125ft Select VGA Video Cable Male to Male - In-Wall CMG-Rated

Item# SV-50221a

    Product Code: SV-50221a
  • The C2G Select VGA Video Cable is perfect for source to display connectivity for in-home desktop or in-wall commercial applications which require video resolutions of up to QXGA (2048x1536)
  • The CMG rated jacket provides a solution for in-wall applications, while the low-profile, rounded connectors make installing in tight spaces, such as a projector mount pole, easy
  • This cable is designed to support high resolution video applications over long distances of up to 150ft
  • All 15 pins are wired providing support for DDC2 (E-DDC) and Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) signals, i
  • e
  • communication of the display_s capabilities, ensuring that the content from the source is sent at the optimal resolution for the display
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