2m IEEE-1394b Firewire 800 9-pin to 4-pin Cable -6.6 ft

2m IEEE-1394b Firewire 800 9-pin to 4-pin Cable -6.6 ft
Item# SV-50706a

    Product Code: SV-50706a
  • Great for connecting MacBook Pro to older video cameras with 4 or 6 pin DV Firewire! IEEE-1394b is the latest in FireWire technology, and our IEEE-1394b or FireWire 800 cable provides transfer speeds up to a blazing 800 Mbps! This is twice the speed of the original 1394 standard, and is a real must-have for transporting and networking multiple types of digital data between users and systems
  • Digital Video (DV) camcorders, scanners, printers, videoconferencing cameras, and fixed disk drives can all share a common bus connection not only to a PC, but to each other as well
  • With Windows ME or Apple's FireWire Target Disk Mode you can use an IEEE-1394b cable to connect two computers together to enable filesharing
  • Hot-pluggable, our FireWire supports plug-and-play operation
  • This cable is designed to be 100% compatible with Apple FireWire, Sony iLink, and all other IEEE-1394 peripherals; also compatible with PC, Mac, Sun and other IEEE-1394 equipped computers
  • Twisted pair cabling and shielded construction ensure our IEEE-1394b cable meets or exceeds current IEEE-1394b standards
  • Molded strain relief protects ensures years of trouble-free data transmissions
  • When connecting to 1394a legacy devices, the data transfer speed is 400 Mbps due to 1394a limitations
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