25ft VGA270(TM) HD15 UXGA Male to Female Monitor Extension Cable

25ft VGA270(TM) HD15 UXGA Male to Female Monitor Extension Cable
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    Product Code: SV-52055a
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  • com (/docs/static/content/swf/demos/270_vga
  • swf)Watch an animated demonstration of the VGA270 cable now![/B] Bring ultimate flexibility to your video connections with the patent-pending VGA270 UXGA monitor extension cable
  • The 270deg HD15 connectors on each end rotate side-to-side in almost a complete circle, allowing you to position the cable to fit your installation
  • The connectors feature detents, or click-stops, every 90deg to ensure signal integrity is maintained
  • The oversized thumbscrews are slotted for easy connection to your equipment
  • Constructed from three coax and four twisted pair with an overall foil and braid shield, this UXGA cable supports the highest resolution video signal
  • With its premium quality and incredible versatility, this UXGA cable is ideal for connecting video equipment including projectors, video splitters, monitors, and KVMs
  • With VGA270, the days of not having the right connector orientation on your cables are over!UXGA provides a screen resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • Not sure what resolution you need? See our VGA resolution guide
  • https://www
  • svideo
  • com/ ("/category/vga#compare")Please Note: Forcing the connector past the click-stops will break the connector and possibly damage the cable
  • Pin 9 is not loaded
  • Pin 9 is not required for standard computer video applications