USB 2.0 Extension Stand

USB 2.0 Extension Stand
Item# SV-52193a

    Product Code: SV-52193a
  • Make your home office setup more convenient and user friendly by adding a USB 2,0 extension stand
  • For computers or laptops that have the USB ports in the back or in another awkward location, this extension cable makes it easier to plug in and use USB devices such as digital music players, PDAs or digital cameras
  • With extension up to 4,5ft away, this cable is long enough to reach a nearby desktop or other easily accessible location
  • Using a Wireless USB solution to stream audio and video to a remote monitor, projector or television? Because of the line of sight requirement between the transmitter and receiver, it can be challenging to situate the components properly
  • Use this extension cable to find the placement for achieving peak performance
  • You can also use the USB 2,0 Extension Cable with 3G USB-connection devices to position for the best connection possible