USB 2.0 Over Cat5 Superbooster Dongle Kit

USB 2.0 Over Cat5 Superbooster Dongle Kit
Item# SV-53880a

    Product Code: SV-53880a
  • The Trulink USB 2,0 Superbooster was designed for systems integrators, installers and other end users seeking an innovatively simple yet powerful solution for extending USB signals beyond their native 16
  • 4ft length limitation
  • Specifically for use in commercial environments, the Trulink USB 2,0 Superbooster is the only USB 2,0 solution on the market that is available in both a dongle and wall plate version
  • The wall plate and dongle can be interchanged to fit the needs of any installation requiring high performance and maximum flexibility
  • Using true USB 2,0 speed and power, this solution provides increased bandwidth and faster data transfer speeds over standard Cat5/6 cabling at lengths up to 328ft
  • Integrated UTP power inserter technology provides 500 milliamps of power when the power adapter is connected through the transmitter end or receiver end, depending on the desired configuration
  • This provides enough power to operate most new USB devices and allows for flexibility in equipment placement
  • The small form factor of both the dongle and wall plate versions allows for easy installation in tight spaces
  • The dongle end is uniquely designed to allow it to be securely tethered to other equipment
  • Installation is quick and easy with no software or driver installation required
  • This solution utilizes TruChoice(TM) power providing the flexibility to power at either the transmitter or receiver end
  • Note: If the USB signal is being extended to support a 300 series or 500 series Promethean interactive whiteboard, then we recommend using our product 29338 ("https://www
  • svideo
  • com/product/29338")
  • For more information about this recommendation, read our application bulletinhttps://www
  • svideo
  • com (/docs/app-bulletins/10272_Superbooster Ext App Bulletin
  • pdf)
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