Digital Multimeter - Part Number 65-266

Digital Multimeter - Part Number 65-266
Item# 65-266
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3.5 digit adjustable-display DMM with 1" high contrast LCD display. Diode and 50 ohm continuity beeper, transistor tester. Overload fuse protection and low battery indicator circuitry. 30 position rotary range switch with separate data hold switch. High impact resistant protective yellow holster.

DC Volt 0-200mv-2V-20V-200V-1000V
AC Volt 0-2V-20V-200V-700V
DC Current 0-2ma-20ma-200ma-20A
AC Current 0-20ma-200ma-20A
Case Color Black
Resistance 0-200ohms-2K-20K-200K-2M-20M-200M
Test Leads (Red & Black) 38"Battery 9V battery (included)
Weight 1.25 lbs.
Size 7.75"L x 3.75"W x 1.625"D
Capacitance 0-2nf-20nf-200nf-2uf-20uf