6-Pin Breakout Cable for Clover Cameras

6-Pin Breakout Cable for Clover Cameras
Item# SV-6PIN-005
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6-Pin Breakout cable for Clover Electronics cameras.

There are many Clover Electronics cameras that use a 6 pin connector.

Check your camera brand first before ordering. You may have a Lorex camera that also uses a 6-pin connector - to see our Lorex 6-pin camera cable click here.

    Typical Connections:
  • The cameras usually have a cable coming from the back of the camera and ends on a 6-pin female connector.
  • The 6-pin female connector was plugged into a 6-pin male-to-male cable that connects to the 6-pin female cable from the camera.
  • The end of the 6-pin male cable connected to the DVR or to a Display.
  • The 6-pin connection on the DVR provided power to the camera and the camera sent back to the DVR the video and audio signals.
  • This breakout cable has a 6-pin Female connector that plugs into the long 6-pin male-to-male cable that connected to the DVR.

If you want to connect connect the Clover camera to a different DVR then you would need a break-out cable that would have the power, video and audio on separate cables.

This breakout cable features a 6-pin female connector on one end and on the other end it has a Male BNC (color-coded yellow), a female power input connector, and a male RCA cable for audio. You will need a separate power supply to power the camera. If your TV has a female RCA for video instead of a female BNC connetor you will also need our Female BNC to Male RCA adapter.

Please contact us if you need the power supply.

Note: this breakout cable has a unique pin-out and only works with Clover Electronics cameras, it will not work with Lorex cameras that also have a 6-pin connector.

This is a custom cable and may not look exactly as the picture above, but will do the trick.