6-Pin Break-out Cable for Samsung Cameras

6-Pin Break-out Cable for Samsung Cameras
6-Pin Break-out Cable for Samsung Cameras

Our custom 6-Pin Mini-DIN break-out cable for Samsung security cameras allow you to connect your Samsung security camera to a TV, monitor or converter that has a composite video input. This break-out cable is only compatible with Samsung security cameras that have a 6-pin male connector at the end of the cable.

Composite Video. The original Samsung security camera connects to a monitor/DVR that has a 6-pin female connector; the monitor/DVR received the composite video signal and also powered the camera through the male 6-pin cable. If the original monitor/DVR no longer works, you can use our 6-pin break-out cable to connect the Samsung security camera to a TV/monitor or recorder that has a composite video input; you can also connect it to a composite video converter to convert the signal to VGA or HDMI.

Power. You will need to provide power to the camera with a separate power supply. Depending on your camera, you will need a separate power supply to power the camera through the 6-pin cable. Make sure you check the power requirements of your camera; it may require DC 12V 3.0W power supply, but make sure you find out what power your camera requires.

  • Female 6-pin mini DIN connector that connects to the male 6-pin cable from your camera.
  • A male RCA connector and a female 2.1mm power connector on the other end.
  • Size: about 12 inches long.

Note: this cable has a proprietary design and is not compatible with other security cameras. This cable is made in the USA and we are not associated with Samsung.

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