Pro 7-pin to 4-Pin with Stereo Audio. Watch internet videos on your televison!

Pro 7-Pin to 4-Pin S-Video with Audio 24 ft
Pro 7-Pin to 4-Pin S-Video with Audio 24 ft
Item# PRO-724-24

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Our exclusive, Pro 7-Pin to 4-Pin S-Video + Audio Cable 24 ft. long allows you to connect the output of your 7-pin S-video connector on your desktop or notebook computer to your TV's 4-pin S-Video and stereo audio input connectors. This cable provides color and stereo audio.

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7 pin to 4 pin connections
The cable features a Male 7-pin connector on one end with a 3.5mm connector on the same end. On the other end it has a 4-pin s-video connector and two male RCA connectors for the stereo audio.

If you need to connect to a TV with 3 RCA then consider our 7-Pin to 3 RCA below. "Pro 7 Pin" is a trademark of

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