Digital One Channel Annual Event Timer

Digital One Channel Annual Event Timer
Item# 95-724A
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Highly versatile 24 hour, 365 day, event timer. Designed to support a wide range of applications. Such applications include: Home and Building Automation, Security, Access Control etc. Equipped with form _C" relay contacts that provide many latching and/or momentary operations during a program schedule of your choice. The EE prom memory allows for programming of unit prior to/or during field installation. Events may be set for single or multiple operations on a daily and/or weekly schedule. The block progamming feature enables repeating an event on any combination of consecutive days. 95-724A will compensate for daylight savings time if desired. It automatically adjusts for leap year and is Y2K compatible. Individually selected holiday exceptions can be programmed to over-ride regularly scheduled events.
12 to 24 volts AC or DC operation
Standby current: 10mA (relay off) 50mA (relay on)
Battery charging current: 100mA
Form _C" relay contacts are rated 10amp @ 120Vac/28Vdc
EE Prom memory protects against loss of programming due to power failure
Accurate crystal controlled clock
Momentary and/or latching events
50 Individually programmed daily/weekly events
Block programming capacity can accommodate a total of 350 events per week
10 programmable holiday dates
_First man in" option
Alphanumeric LCD display simplifies programming
Standard or daylight savings time settings
Automatic compensation for leap year
Built-in charger for 12Vdc sealed lead acid or gel type batteries (max charge current 100mA)
Lithium battery backup maintains clock (optional)
User friendly programming
Board dimensions: 5.25" (W) x 3" (L) x 1" (D)