6W Stereo, 12-15 W Mono Amplifier

6W Stereo, 12-15 W Mono Amplifier
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This power amplifier is a very versatile high fidelity amplifier and has many useful applications. A few of these are as follows: A power amplifier for Walkman or similar type of AM/FM stereo headphone radio, they can be converted into a high powered stereo system for home use. This can easily be done by connecting the headphone output from the radio to the input control of the amplifier. As a power amplifier for the auto, van, camper, trailer and boat, or as a portable system for outdoor use. A public address amplifier for both indoor and outdoor use.
DC Voltage 12 to 15V
Input Sensitivity 0.6V at full output
Frequency Response 10 to 25 kHz
Power Output Mono: 15W at 8W. Stereo: 6W
Input Impedance Low Z
Distortion 1% @ full output