RapidRun Runner Coupling Rings - 2pk

RapidRun Runner Coupling Rings - 2pk
Item# SV-98015a

Note: Limited quantities available.

    Product Code: SV-98015a
  • Two coupling rings are provided with every PC (yellow), Multi-Format (Orange)and Multimedia (blue) RapidRun runner cable for connecting break-away flying leads or wall plates
  • This 2-pack is available to replace those rings that are lost or misplaced
  • Coupling Ring Use and Instructions: * After installation, remove the pulling cap from the runner cable
  • * Attach the coupling ring to the runner cable
  • Each end of the coupling ring has different threads
  • The knurled end will face away from the cable
  • * Connect the break-away flying lead or wall plate to the runner cable via the coupling ring