S-Video to RCA Adapter for your Acer Notebook equipped with S-Video-out

Acer NoteBook SV-RCA adapter & Instructions
Acer NoteBook SV-RCA adapter & Instructions
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Order this adapter for your ACER Notebook that is equipped with an S-Video out jack. The Acer notebook has an S-Video out jack that has 7 pins - only the four outside pins are active and our adapter is compatible with it.

Read below the instructions on how to connect your ACER's S-Video to your TV using the "S-Video to RCA" adapter. The instructions were sent to us by by Ben from the Land Down Under.

"Here are some instructions on how to get an Acer Notebook to work with one of your cables:

Plug in the cable (both ends) and turn the laptop on.

Get the latest drivers from the net (www.acer.com)

1) Open Display Properties a) Right click on the desktop b) Click on properties 2) Click on settings 3) Click Advanced at the bottom 4) Click on Displays

Here you can click the "power" looking button on top of the picture of the TV and click "apply."

This should turn on the TV picture.

You can now click on the area to the right of the "power" looking switch (above the TV) and this will move you into the advanced menu.

* If your picture isn't centered you can adjust these settings in the Adjustment Tab

* In the Advanced Tab you can change sharpness and dot crawl (I couldn't see much of a difference between the settings but I was looking at it on a smallish TV) Have a go :)

* If your picture looks strange or is in Black and White then just click on the Format Tab.

Click "Select by Format" and try the different format types (some will look better / worse depending on your TV type and place of purchase because of NTSC / PAL)

Click Apply between changes.

Once you have finished hit OK OK OK OK

You will probably be asked to reboot. (some of the settings don't seem to change till you reboot).

Once rebooted you will have to turn on the TV again, and hopefully the pic will look great...It did for me."

If you would also like to send the audio from your ACER to your TV, check out our "S-Video to 3 RCA" below.


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