Apple TV Resolutions - Video Tutorial

Apple TV -  How to Select TV Resolutions - Video Tutorial
How to select the different TV resolutions on the Apple TV. If you have a European TV that used the PAL video format, then select 576i as the format instead. This video will begin playing automatically. Please be patient if you have a slow connection.

Note: if you have connected the AppleTV via HDMI before you use the converter the option to select 480i may not be visible. You will need to disconnect the power cable from the Apple TV and plug it back - but before you reconnect the power cable first connect the converter via component video cables (to the converter) and then to your TV via S-Video or Composite Video. Make sure your TV is tuned to the correct input channel.

This video was created using our Multi-Resolution Component Video Converter that converts all the resolutions on the Apple TV to S-Video or composite video.