Apple Counterfeit Products

Apple Counterfeit Products
In this page we want to show you some pictures to help you tell the difference between genuine Apple products and cheap chinese counterfeit products.

The picture on the right is of a counterfeit Lighting to 30 pin adapter. See comparison below.

Where can you buy cheap chinese counterfit products? At scambay and Amazingscam. Why? Because both ebay and Amazon allow anyone to sell any shit to anyone, any day of the week. OK, they do have some limitations, but remember that ebay and Amazon both make their money on commissions and fees for listing and selling products. The also have "advertising" or "Sponsors" so that pay them a commission when you click on the ads.

If you buy cheap Apple counterfeit products you are effectively participating in the illegal trade of counterfeit products. Why are these products illegal? They effectively violate many different laws, including patent and copyright law as well as consumer product safety laws.

Counterfeit products are imported by individuals and businesses and by-pass many different laws and import restrictions. Counterfeit products are not certified to be in compliance with Federal and international standards.

Counterfeit products also may not be in compliance with safety standards because the could include chemicals that are dangerous, such as lead and phthalate.

Below is a comparison of a fake adapter with an authentic adapter.