Convert the Apple TV's HDMI output to Composite Video

Apple TV to AV Converter
Apple TV to AV Converter
Item# ATV2AV

How to connect Apple TV to a regular television?
The ATV2AV converter allows you to connect the Apple TV to a regular television. Almost all TVs (regular TV, HDTV, LCD, and projectors) have a composite video and stereo audio input. Since the Apple TV has HDMI output you will need the ATV2AV converter to connect to the composite video and stereo audio inputs.

How to use the ATV2AV with the Apple TV?
  • On the ATV2AV move the PAL-NTSC switch on the side to NTSC
  • Connect the ATV2AV to the Apple TV with an HDMI cable
  • Connect the ATV2AV to your TV with the composite video and stereo audio cables to your TV
  • Go the the Settings section on your AppleTV
  • Scroll down to Audio & Video
  • Scroll down to TV Resolution
  • Scroll down to 640x480 - 60Hz
  • Press the menu button to escape

    Why select 640x480 - 60Hz?
  • Because it works
  • Any other resolution will cause the video to be interrupted
  • The default Apple TV Resolution is "Auto"
  • The "Auto" resolution will try to force the 1080p HD resolution and will cause the video to be interrupted.
  • Note: your Apple TV may interrupt your video until you select the 640x480 resolution.
  • Note: if you turn off the Apple TV the 640x480 resolution will be remembered.
  • Note: if you subsequently connect the AppleTV via HDMI directly to the HDMI input on a TV you will have to re-select 640x480 resolution when you reconnect to the ATV2AV since the Apple TV "remembers" the last video resolution selected.

    Why select between PAL and NTSC video formats?
  • PAL and NTSC are video formats and NTSC is used in the Americas and Japan.
  • PAL is used in most of Europe and China.

Does the ATV2AV require power?
  • No
  • The HDMI signal from the Apple TV powers the ATV2AV
  • Why does it have a "USB Power" jack? It can be used with other set- top boxes that do not pass power Through the HDMI.

    What's included in the box?
  • The ATV2AV converter
  • A 4 ft. AV cable for composite video and stereo audio
  • A 3 ft. HDMI cable. You can select a 6 ft. HDMI cable for 6.00 more.

Can you record using the ATV2AV? No. You can connect Through your DVD player/recorder and pass-Through the video even if you click on the "record button" on the DVD Player, however, the playback of the recorded video and audio may be basically useless due to the copyright protection on the content.