Universal HDMI to VGA converter

HDMI to VGA Converter
HDMI to VGA Converter
Item# HDMI-VGA-3

HDMI to VGA Converter
How to convert HDMI to VGA?

This converter allows you to convert the HDMI signal from many sources the VGA. You can input the VGA signal to HDTVs, LCDs, projectors or other sources that accept a VGA input. You can use many sources such as DVD players, receivers, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and the Apple TV.

For instance, the Apple TV allows for AirPlay (wireless mirroring) of the signals from other Apple devices. This product is perfect to show your iPad or iPhone Apps on a projector or other device that accepts a VGA plus analog stereo audio signal via Wi-Fi.

This converter has a short cable with an HDMI male connector. We include an HDMI coupler that allows you to connect sources that have an HDMI male connector, such as the Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku Stick.

The VGA output is on a female 15-pin VGA connector so you may also need our VGA cable or our VGA plus Audio Cable to complete the connection.

The analog stereo audio output of this converter is on a female 3.5mm connector so you may also need our male 3.5mm to 2 RCA cable to connect to speakers that audio input on RCA jacks. Most HDTV that have VGA input also have stereo audio input on a 3.5mm connector so you can get our VGA plus Audio cable above or a separate 3.5mm male to male cable from our selection of 3.5mm cables.

Note: this converter is not bi-directional; it does not convert VGA to HDMI, only HDMI to VGA plus audio.

Note: this adapter should work with other sources that have HDMI output, however, the source may need to be powered. For instance, if you use it with the Chromecast, the Chromecast will need to be powered.

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