Video & Stereo Audio over CAT5

Video and Audio over Cat5
Video and Audio over Cat5
Item# 500001-SP

Send composite Video and Stereo Audio up to 2,200 ft. using a single Cat5e or Cat6 Cable.

With two 500001, one at each end, you can send the composite video and stereo audio signals long distances by connecting the 500001 with Cat5e or Cat6 cables on a "point-to-point" connection. In Stock - ships same day.

The BNC Video and Stereo Audio Balun, Product no. 500001, allows the transmission of composite baseband video signals and stereo audio signals using unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable, also known as Cat5e or Cat6 cable on a point-to-point connection.

The VideoEase Stereo Audio/Video Balun is used in pairs to transmit standard NTSC, SECAM and PAL composite video. It converts a composite baseband video and 600-ohm stereo audio signal from 75 ohm coax to UTP.

The VideoEase Stereo Balun has the following connectors:
- 1 BNC (Female) for the video signal that can be changed to RCA with a BNC to RCA adapter.
- 2 RCA (Female) for the stereo audio.
- 1 RJ45 (Female) for the Cat5/6/6e cable on the other end.

Comment from UK Customer # 79695: As an international purchaser from the UK I was a little unsure of purchasing the product and handing over money from a company I have not bought from before, but I can honestly say the service, price and delivery speed have been exceptional. I have since re-ordered more of the same product from the company. The price of the object is 1/3 of its cost in the UK. Excellent stuff. Would definitely purchase again.

Availability: Ships same day. Order two, since you need one at each end.