Audio Distribution Amplifier: Take your audio signal and Broadcast it to one or hundreds TVs or speakers

Audio Distribution Amplifier
Item# ADA128

Our Audio Distribution Amplifier (ADA) allows you to broadcast your stereo audio to 8 outputs or cascade more than one ADA to hundreds or speakers. You can also take a mono audio signal and distribute it to 16 mono TVs or speakers with one ADA.

It's simple:

--> Take the line level stereo audio from your audio source.

----> Connect it to one of our Audio Baluns (see below).

-------> Connect the Audio Balun via Cat 5 to the ADA.

---------> Connect one (or up to eight) of the outputs from the ADA to Cat 5 Cable. If you want to go more than eight, connect one of the outputs to another ADA.

-------> Connect the Cat 5 Cable to another Audio Balun.

---> Connect the Audio Balun to your stereo or mono audio receiver or speaker.

Now you can send the audio everywhere.

Add our Video Distribution Amplifier and you can send the video and audio all over via Cat 5.

Each ADA requires one of our 30 watt power supplies and at least one pair of audio baluns. Order them below.