75ft Structure Cable with 19-Pin female connectors

75ft Structure Cable with 19-Pin female connectors
Item# SV-TCC-75FF

75 ft. TransConn Structure Cable. This cable connects to the corresponding TransConn male cables for HDMI, DVI, or VGA connections. This cable is 24AWG and is CL-2 rated for in-wall installations.

This cable is 75 ft. long and features a 19-pin female connector on each end. The 19-pin female connector on this cable is used to connect to the different 19-pin male connectors of the different corresponding cables and can transmit HDMI, DVI and VGA signals.

The 19-pin female-to-female cable is ran through conduit for in-wall installations where CL-2 cable rating is required.

The cable is shipped with a black cap that screws on one end of the cable in order to assist in pulling through the cable.

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