4-Way SVGA with Audio Amplified Splitter

4-Way SVGA with Audio Amplified Splitter
Item# SV-MSV604P4A
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Send the VGA signal and stereo audio from your computer to up to four monitors and speakers.

This 4-way SVGA with audio splitter connects up to FOUR monitors and audio to one computer and broadcast to multiple monitors/audio simultaneously with the VGA with Audio video splitter.

It has a built-in video extender to ensure clear and sharp images as far as 213 feet away from the CPU.

It is ideal for classrooms & training facilities, and remote security monitoring.

Technical Note: Splitting a signal from a source (such as a computer) to 2 displays with different resolution capabilities (such as a higher resolution computer monitor and a VGA capable TV) can produce undesired results. Please check with your monitor or TV manufacturer to determine the supported resolutions of your display devices. A VGA splitter can only support ONE resolution (the lowest of the 2 displays) if both displays are powered up.