Ultra-Compact Tool-less Video Balun

BL3725 Ultra-Compact Tool-less Video Balun
BL3725 Ultra-Compact Tool-less Video Balun
Item# BL3725
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The BL3725 has now been discontinued. Please see the other tool-less video baluns.

The BL3725 video balun allows the replacement of coaxial cable with unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable to transmit baseband video 2000 feet and more (depending on the cable quality), with no additional power source.

It supports NTSC,PAL and SECAM formats and is ideal for use with CCTV equipment such as CCTV cameras, monitors, quads, switchers, multiplexers, VCRs and DVRs.

The BL3725 video balun can be connected to UTP cable in seconds. You simply strip the Cat5 cable; select a pair of UTP; remove 1/4" of wire insulation form the UTP; hold wires 1/2" from the end and insert firmly into the two openings on the balun; push wires straight into openings about 1/4". Make sure that the pair of UTP remains twisted as close as possible to the insertion point.

Due to its exceptional interference rejection,the video signal can share the same cable bundle as data, audio and other video signals. Supports up-the-coax control signals up to 1000 feet.

- Transmits Video Up to 2000 Feet
- Rapid Connection / No Screwdriver Need
- Ultra Compact Dimensions
- No Power Required
- UL Listed for the U.S. and Canada
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

- Commercial and Industrial Security
- Government, Military and Law Enforcement Applications
- Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
- Casino Security and Surveillance Systems
- Airport Security Systems

Availability: ships same day. These work in pairs, one at each end of the CAT5, so order 2.