Tool-less Video Balun with BNC Pigtail

BL4865 - Tool-less Video Balun with BNC pigtail
BL4865 - Tool-less Video Balun with BNC pigtail
Item# BL4865

The video above plays silent videos of our BL4850 and BL4865 video baluns.

Save a lot of money by installing your own analog video security cameras and connecting them via "Category 5e" cable, also known as "Cat5" cable. By connecting with a cable you keep things simple and secure! The BL4865 Tool-less Video Balun with a BNC Pigtail makes it a "Snap." You simply select a pair of wires of the Cat5 cable, insert the same pair at each end of the two Tool-less Baluns and close the lid. You do not need crimp tools or RJ45 connectors!

BL4865 - tool-less video balun uses only one pair of the four pairs on a Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6 cable. It is similar to the BL4850 Video Tool-less Balun but includes a short cable with a BNC connector. The short cable provides you with additional flexiblity to connect the balun. This balun is also available with female or male RCA connectors - contact us if you need RCA connectors.

It's tool-less because you do not need any tools to strip the Cat5 or crimping tools to attach an RJ45 connector to the Cat5 cable. You simply select a pair of wires on the Cat5 cable and insert them into the balun and close the lid on the balun. On the other side of the Cat5 cable you select the same wires and insert them on another BL4865 and your are done - "Its a Snap!"™

Send a single composite video signal up to 2,000 feet on one pair of the Cat5 cable.

The BL4865 is compatible with the BL4850 Tool-less balun.

See the PDF Manual for the BL4865

Availability: ships same day. Two are required, one at each end.