7" LCD with HDMI, VGA, Composite Video and Audio input

7-inch LCD Monitor with Multiple AV Inputs
7-inch LCD Monitor with Multiple AV Inputs
Item# M-CT7

The MCT7 is a lightweight 7" 800 x 480 LCD monitor with HDMI, VGA and Composive Video connectivity. Click on image for a high resolution image.

- HDMI input
- Two Composite Video inputs
- VGA input
- Mono Audio input
- Aspect Ratio detect
- Image Flip/Flop
- Auto Power Down
- Color Temperature adjustments (PC)
- Ability to power the monitor using a standard DSLR battery*. This feature allows the monitor to be powered using an existing DSLR battery.

The MCT7 monitor ships with:
- an AV cable to input 2 composite video and one mono audio
- a power supply
- a Hot Shoe Adapter
- Operating Instructions

Optional Accessories:
- Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable to connect to Mini-HDMI
- HDMI Cable
- PC Cable (15-pin VGA)
- Cigarette Lighter Adapter
- AC Power Supply
- Table Stand
- Remote Control

Optional Battery Pack Kit:
Select one of the following optional battery adapters:
- Canon BP511 (For M-CT7-C511)
- Canon LP-E6 (For M-CT7-CE6)
- Nikon EN-EL3e (For M-CT7-NEL3)

The Battery Pack Kit includes:
- Battery Mount
- Mounting Plate
- DC Power Cable
- Battery Charger

The monitor has a one year warranty.

Availability: ships same day. Select the Optional Battery Pack Kit.

Operating Instructions of the M-CT7 Monitor:
For composite video input:
- Connect the AV cable to the 3.5mm AV input jack that is just below the blue 15-pin VGA connector.
- Connect the video source into either of the 2 yellow RCA jacks on the AV cable.
- Connect the power supply to the monitor power input connector that is just above the HDMI input connector. A red light will be lit on the right of the Power button.
- Turn on your Video source.
- Press the Power button to turn on the monitor. The red light will turn green indicating the monitor is turned on.
- Press the PC/AV button till you find the composite video source; the words HDMI, PC, AV1, AV2 will appear on the top left of the monitor. The composite video source will be AV1 or AV2.

About the Aspect Ratio:
The default aspect ratio is wide-screen, 16:9. If your video source is wide-screen there will be two small black horizontal bars on the top and bottom of the screen. This is normal.

If your video source is 16:9 and you change the aspect ration to 4:3 then the video will be displayed in a "window box" on the monitor.

If your video source is 4:3 you can change the aspect ratio on the monitor by pressing the Menu button and pressing the "V" arrow button to scroll down to the "Function" menu. Once at the function menu press the ">" button once, then the "V" once"; then the ">" to scroll down to the "Display Ratio" then the ">" and the ""V" to select the 4:3 ratio and then press the ">" to change the aspect ratio. The On-Sreen-Menu (OSM) has a default time-out of 10 seconds.

The OSM is very intuitive to use.

For additional instructions contact sales@svideo.com