3.5mm Male to Terminal Block Solderless Stereo Audio Connector

3.5mm TRS Solderless Repair Kit
3.5mm TRS Solderless Repair Kit
Item# MX35M

3.5mm TRS Solderless Repair Kit
The MX35M is a 3.5mm male connector with a terminal block and hood. The terminal block connector allows you to connect a stereo audio cable to a 3.5mm male connector without using solder. All you have to do is insert the stripped wires into the terminal block and tighten the screws with a 2.0mm flat head screw driver.

The 3.5mm connector has one "ring" and is suitable for replacing the 3.5mm connector on cables that use a 3.5mm "Tip, Ring, Sleeve" (TRS) connector, such as analog stereo audio. This connector can also be used to replace the connector on mono audio and infra-red connectors that only use the tip and sleeve. The "Tip, Ring, Sleeve" refers to the tip of the 3.5mm connector, the ring refers to the metal "ring" between the tip and the sleeve; the sleeve refers to the metal portion closest to the cable.

The "TRS" is also sometimes referred as "LRG" for "Left, Right and Ground." The Tip is commonly used for the "left" audio channel; the "right" audio channel corresponds to the "ring" and the "ground" corresponds to the "sleeve."

There are other 3.5mm connectors that are referred to as "TRRS" for "Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve" that are similar but have two metal "rings" instead of just one. The TRRS connectors are used on some devices, such as headphones that pass the stereo audio and the microphone connection. Contact us if you need a TRRS connector with terminal blocks.

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The picture shows the Male 3.5mm (aka 1/8") connector with it's black plastic hood. The top portion of the picture are two views of the miniature screw-terminal block.

Once you use these solderless connectors you will not want to go back to soldering a 3.5mm connector, unless, of course, you do not use this connector properly.

Note: if you pinch the tape that holds the wires to the terminal block you will ruin the connector. Pinching the tape may happen when you put the plastic hood and can result in losing connectivity to one or more of the pins. Before you put the connector on the plastic hood make sure get a good idea on how you are going to put it on the case to avoid pinching the tape.

    Advantages to using a solderless connnector:
  • You do not need to solder
      • No need to buy a solder iron
      • No need to learn how to solder
      • You do not poison yourself with solder
      • You do not burn yourself with solder
      • You do not need to watch stupid "how to solder videos"
  • It is very easy to use a screw driver to make the connection

    Disadvantage of using this solderless connector:
  • As mentioned on the note above, if you pinch the tape between the connector and the terminal block you will ruin the connector. You may want to order a couple, just in case.

  • Note: we also have another type of 3.5mm male connector that can be used as a 3.5mm Male to Terminal Block Connector that you may want to consider.

      This connector consists of the following:
    • 3.5mm male connector attached to screw terminal. The terminal block is labeled "TRS" so you can connect the proper wire. TRS stands for "tip, ring, sleeve."
    • Two piece plastic hood to hold the connector
    • Metal piece that can be used to wrap around the cables
    • Metal strain relief

    Note: you will need wire strippers and a 2.0mm flat head screw driver.

    We also have a 3.5mm Female connector with a terminal block for installation on panels or wall plates.

    Availability: ships same day.

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