Chromecast to AV Convertor

Chromecast to AV Convertor
Chromecast to AV Convertor

Our Chromecast convertor allows you to connect the Chromecast to the Audio and Video (AV) inputs of any TV or projector with composite video and stereo audio inputs.

The Chromecast is connected to the converter's HDMI input.

  • Converts HDMI signal from Chromecast to the AV signal (composite video and stereo audio.)
  • Composite Video is on the yellow RCA connector and the red and white are for stereo audio
  • Ships with a USB cable for power; you will need to connect it to a power supply that accepts a USB "A" input.

You will also need to power the Chromecast with the cable and power supply shipped with the Chromecast.

Availability: ships same day