S-Video, S-Video to RCA, S-Video to VCR and Macrosplat

S-Video Comparisons
Comparison of S-Video, S-Video to RCA, S-Video to VCR and Macrosplat.

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Top Left Picture: This is what you'd see if your DVD player was connected to an S-Video TV using the s-video connection.

Top Right Picture: This is using our "S-Video to RCA" adapter. The picture is slightly brighter but similar to what you would see if you connected the DVD using the composite video (RCA) connection instead of S-Video.

Bottom Left Picture: This is using our S-Video to VCR convertor or DVD to VHS/VCR convertor. These products allow you to connect your DVD or computer's DVD-Rom Through the VCR and kill macrosplat.

Bottom Right Picture: Macrosplat: if you connect the DVD through your VCR you'd get Macrosplat. The brightness will constantly fade in and out due to the macrovision copyright protection on the DVD. To kill macrosplat, use our S-Video to VCR package or the DVD to VHS/VCR package. To connect your DVD player Through the "RF antenna" input of your TV, purchase our S-Video to Coax package or the DVD to RF Coax package.

This is a comparison of frame 14.126.42 on the Titanic DVD. Now you know who the woman in the picture is.

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