6 ft Replacement Cable/Dongle for 4Pin PCMCIA Modem Card

6 ft  Replacement Cable/Dongle for 4Pin PCMCIA Modem Card
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Product Part Number: CPM-4PIN-SP
replacement cable/dongle for PCMCIA modem card. It is compatible with the following 3Com/USR/MHz (Sportster 1336, Sportster 1626, 3013 WinModem, 3CCEM556C, 3CCEM556B, 3CCEM556T, 3CCM156, 3CCM156B, 3CCM356, 3CCM556, 3CCM656, 3CCM756, CC1288, CC1366, CC1560, CC1560I, CC2560, CC3288, CC4288, CC4336, CC5560, CC6144, CC6288, CCEM3288C, CCEM3288T, CCEM3336T, CM1561B-US, EM1144T); Actiontec/Generic (BFM3360-CF, BFM5600-CF, BFM5600-L, BFM5600L-F2, BFM5602-LF, BFM5605-LF, FM144D, FM288C, FM288LK, FM288T, FM288XT, FM366 FM336C, FM336C-KF, FM336R-KF, FM336LK, FM336SK, FM336T, FM336XT, FM56C-BF, FM56C-CF, FM56CNF, FM56KLF, FM56RBF, FM560LK, FM560RK-RF, FM560SK, FM5600L, FM5605-LF, FM566C-KF, FM566L-KF, KFM5600C, KFM5600L, KFM5602-LF, KFM5603, MD14400, MD14401, MD14402, MD28801, MD2880, MD33601, MD33602, Apache-Micro (33.6 _ V34PCM-A, 33.6 _ V34PCM-C, 56K _ A56PCM-A, 56K _ A56PCM-C); Best Data (56SPC); Compex (LINKPORT-COMM56); Compaq (Microcom 420, 189662-001, 187145-001, 187136-001, 168932-001); Diamond Multimedia (56K MLFFM56C); MaxTech (NetPacer 336R/PCM56C); New Media (w/o clips: 14.4 WinSurfer, 14.4/28.8/33.6 NetSurfer); Phoebe Micro (KFM5600L, BFM5600-CF); Simple Technology (56K Communicator); TDK (Networker 3410, Freedom 5660); Ambicom (AMB8802); Brighton (SPC004); Bullet (C288MX); ArchTek (SmartLink 33.6); CommWave (33.6 _ 56K); EigerCom (28.8,33.6,56K); I/O Magic (C56K); Magic Ram (33.6/56K); Hawking Tech (610X2); Motorola (56K Global); NEC (Data Voice 3400); Piiceon (56K); Premax (33.6 _ FM336XT); Trogon (BFM5602-LF); Viking (All 4-pin); WiseCom (56K); Xircom (CBM56WG); Zoltrix (33602 SM336SK); Zoom (56K Dual Mode w/ Lucent Chipset) PCMCIA modem models. (Connectors: 4Pin PCMCIA to RJ11 Female; Length: 6 ft.)