DIGITAL CAMERA with Cyber Display, USB and Compact Flash Interface for Win 98 or Mac OS 8.5 or higher. Note: we're sold out.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Item# CyberDigiCam-A

Our DIGITAL CAMERA has the most advanced feature of ANY DIGITAL CAMERA - a Miniature Flat Panel Color LCD Display - the "CyberDisplay" - it's like having a computer monitor inside the digital camera's view finder.

Don't even consider digital cameras that only have "see-Through" viewfinders or battery eating 1.8" LCD displays. The FUN about DIGITAL CAMERAS is the instantenous viewing of your images, without that annoying battery-peddling bunny running around.


High Resolution. With the CyberDisplay you get a more clearer, sharper color image than displays of other LCD digital cameras. Plus, you can see your images in privacy and under direct sunlight! The CyberDisplay is the world's smallest, high performance, high resolution display - it produces a high resolution 16.7 million color image. The CyberDisplay was developed at MIT for the U.S. Military's Head-mounted displays.

LOW POWER CONSUMPTION. The LOW POWER requirements of the CyberDisplay allow you to take up to 1,000 pictures with only 3 standard "AA" batteries! This feature alone leaves ALL other digital cameras stuck forever in the 20th Century! No heavy battery packs to carry or AC adapters required. Plus, when the digital camera is connected to your PC via the USB connection, the batteries are not used! Don't even consider any other digital camera - they eat up batteries.

TRUE FRAMING. The Camera's CyberDisplay allows you to view the exact image you want to capture for true framing. What-you-see-is-what-you-get! No more guessing what the picture is going to look like - other digital cameras just have a see-Through viewfinder or a heavy, lower resolution LCD.

In addition, Through the built-in CyberDisplay you can:

INSTANTLY REVIEW the pictures that you've taken. No need to hook it up to your computer. You can decide to keep the image or delete it. You can review all the images you've taken one or four at a time. It even has a "slide show" feature to automatically scroll Through all your pictures.

- Change camera settings for image capturing.

- Activate the camera's self-timer image capture feature.


- Compatible with NetMeeting for Videoconferencing.

- This special version can also be used with ISpy WebCam Software.

- Creates high resolution 640x480 JPEG images for easy downloading and emailing. Do not even consider other cameras that create different file formats - that will result in incompatible file formats for viewing.

- Uses 3 standard AA batteries. Batteries included.

- Internal memory with capacity of up to 12 images. You can easily change the images or increase the capacity with "CompactFlash" cards. See our special below: "Digital Camera + 8MB" - you get an 8MB Compact Flash card so you can take about 150 pictures when you get your camera!

- Compact Flash Interface. Increase the number of pictures you take with optional Compact Flash cards. For instance, a 4 MB CompactFlash allows you to take 80 pictures; a 32 MB CompactFlash allows you to take 650 pictures.

- USB Interface for PC and MAC. Need we say more about the fastest way to download your pictures? Leaves "serial" digital cameras stuck in time. Downloading pictures Through a serial connection is like watching digital grass grow!

- USB Interface does NOT require additional "reader" to download your pictures.

- Digital Zoom of 2X.

- Extremely light weight. You will like to carry it everywhere.

- High resolution. You will be very surprised at the resolution quality of the images! See samples below.

- Built-in Flash. Can be set for "auto" flash or "off"

- Auto White Balance

- Camera wrist-strap included.

- Standard Tripod mount on bottom.

- Soft protective Bag included. Carrying bag optional.

- Software for PC: Photo Express SE. Intuitive image editing software by ULEAD.

- Software for PC & MAC: TWAIN Data Source Driver. Friendly interface that allows you to transfer data to your computer. You can also delete pictures from the camera or Compact Flash Card with the software.

- Apple QuickTime (tm) software that allows you to view the movie files captured by the camera.

- 90 Day Warranty.

Shipping Costs: See below. International shipping is 20.00. Our system automatically calculates 10.00 on international orders, so 10.00 more will be added for all orders outside the USA.

Please READ the REQUIREMENTS below before ordering.


Note: we're sold out.


Sample Images - The Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas