DVI-D Extension Cable 6 inches

DVI-D Extension Cable 6 inches

DVI-D Port Saver Cable - DVI-D Male to Female cable, 6 inches long.

This cable is about 6 inches in length and features a male DVI-D connector on one end and a female DVI-D connector on the other end. It is an essential cable to have when you have short space to work with. Click on picture to see a high-resolution image.

This cable will pass only DVI-D signals - it does not have the four pins around the larger horizontal pin that are used on a DVI-I cable. We also have it in a DVI-I Male to Female version.

Availability: ships same day, however, we have limited quantities. If you plan on getting a lot, please let us know asap to allow for production lead-time, usually 4-6 weeks.