DVI & HDMI with Audio, 35 ft.

DVI and HDMI with Audio Cable, 35 ft - Discontinued
DVI and HDMI with Audio Cable, 35 ft - Discontinued
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DVI & HDMI with stereo audio cable, 35 ft. Bi-Directional DVI to HDMI with Audio Cables, Male-to-Male, 28AWG. Available in different sizes. See an Application Diagram

Includes one "female 3.5mm to 2 male RCA" adapter cable.

Note: These cables carry the HDMI and DVI digital video signal and the analog stereo audio signal on separate cables and are bundled under a single tangle-free cover.

If your HDMI source does not have an analog stereo audio output please add our HDMI Audio Extractor. that outputs both digital audio and analog stereo audio. The HDMI Audio Extractor outputs analog stereo audio on a 3.5mm jack and you can use the cable with the 3.5mm plug to connect to it.

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