Apple DVI to VGA adapter

Apple DVI to VGA adapter

Original OEM Apple DVI to VGA adapter. The Apple DVI to VGA display adapter was specially designed to allow users to connect their DVI equipped PowerBook G4 or Power Mac G4 to an external VGA monitor or projector for 24-bit video-mirroring or dual display.

The DVI to VGA adapter plugs into the DVI port built into the new PowerBook G4 or into Power Mac G4s with NVIDIA or ATI Radeon graphic cards which feature DVI ports.

The Apple DVI to VGI adapter has a male DVI connecor on one end and a standard female VGA connector on the other end. The connectors are joined by a short cable.

We also have our own brand "DVI to VGA" Adapter compatible with Apple - you'll find our adapter to perform better and it's a bargain price! OK, it's not white like Apple's adapter and it does not have a short cable, but it features a patented RF Block.


VGA Female to DVI-I Male Adapter Slim Metal Version
Regular price: $39.95
Sale price: $21.95
VGA Female to DVI-I Male Adapter Slim Metal Version DVI-VGA-MF