It's time to FREE yourself from PayTV

Did you know that you can get the "over-the-air" local broadcast TV channels for free by just installing an over-the-air desktop or rooftop antenna? Since all you really need is internet there is no need for PayTV, such as cable TV or satellite TV. Begin to wean yourself from PayTV bondage. It's time to cut the bondage cords from your subscription TV services, even from the wired and wireless streaming services!

    Here are the steps to consider to FREE yourself from your TV:
  • 1. Stop cold-turkey all your TV and streaming services, including all use of your "smartphone" that is really making you stupid (from which there is no cure).
  • 2. Ok, since most of us are too chicken to stop cold-turkey, try to wean yourself from watching TV or using your smartphone for other than texting while not driving.

  • But lets get back to Free TV. How do you wean yourself from your TV and smartphone? Just get an over-the-air antenna and tune your TV to the local channels that are already included in your bloated PayTV subscription. After you watch the content on the "free" over-the-air channels and realize that most of it is, well, shinola, and full of ads, then you will realize that you do not need TV after all. Reality is better than any 4K resolution of some place you would not want to go visit (with or without Rick Steve) to begin with. Oh, and about all those preachers you'll find in your local "over-the-air" channels, well, they are all just full of air, they just want your money! Remember, the purpose is to stop spending money for something that you really, really, do not need. So do not give away all the money you will save (once you cut the cord) to TV preachers , or any preachers for that matter; let someone else pay for the stairway to heaven.

    You are already paying for internet, why pay for cable or satellite TV?
    • The reality is that all you really need is internet.
      • You can practically stream almost anything on your own time.
      • But you may want to watch some TV.
      • After all, you already have the couch and the TV.
      • But watch out for "data-caps" and fees from your cell-phone and internet provider!
      • Why pay for TV when your local channels are free?
    • Get your local TV stations for free!
      • You will need to buy an "over-the-air" (OTA) indoor or outdoor antenna.
      • Reduce your PayTV costs immediately!
      • You may get some of the basic channels like ABC and PBS.
      • You may even get some really crummy channels too!
      • Make sure you do not have cancellation fees when you cut the cord.
    • Use the same antenna coax cable for both Internet and TV.
      • Get our Internet Coax Bridges.
        • Connect your internet cable to the Internet Coax Bridge
        • Connect your OTA antenna coax to the Internet Coax Bridge
        • The result is Free TV and an internet connection next to your TV.
        • Add a Set-top-Box, such as AppleTV, Roku, or SlingTV and start streaming.

You might consider eliminating your TV completely and get out there and do some exercise; you might even eliminate some of the Netflix pounds you have been putting on.

Netflix really took off after the recession of 2008 when we all began to look for ways to reduce our monthly entertainment expense that included going out to the movies and dinner. So we began to stay at home and get DVDs by mail from Netflix. Movie theater attendance dropped; and even fewer people began to watch the Oscars. Then Netflix started streaming movies and TV programs!

We then began to binge watch Netflix, the all-you-watch subscription plan for about eight dollars a month. Well, it's not eight dollars anymore! And now we might be suffering from subscription fatigue after we enrolled in every new streaming scam out there, all wanting our eyeballs and keeping track of everything we watched.

Well, it's time to stop paying for cable TV or satellite TV. After you quit PayTV then you can wean yourself out of the TV by watching some local channels. Then, you will begin to slowly drop your Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, Slingbox, Vudu, and the shinola subscription streaming scams.