Female S-Video to Male RCA - 1 inch

S-Video Female to RCA Male Adapter 1 inch
S-Video Female to RCA Male Adapter 1 inch
Item# FSV-MRCA-1
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"S-Video to RCA" convertor that is 1 inch long. Please call or email for availability.

Features: Female S-video jack and Male RCA plug. Use this convertor with our S-Video cables when you need to interconnect an S-Video device to a device that supports composite video.

The advantage of this product is it's small size, the disadvantage is that you have to make couplings with additional cables that could cause signal loss.

In addition to the signal loss due to couplings, there's a potential degredation due to the different capacitance, inductance, and characteristic impedance of the cables used.

To avoid the potential signal losses mentioned above use our S-VIDEO-TO-RCA adapters that provide you a "straight-shot, point-to-point" solution, thus minimizing signal loss while maintaining the color information. The Pro Series allow you send both the audio and video signals using a broadcast quality cable.

Note: If you need to go FROM composite video to s-video consider our RCA to S-Video adapters.

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