HDMI Extender Over CAT5 with IR

HDMI and IR Over 2 CAT5 Wall Plate
HDMI and IR Over 2 CAT5 Wall Plate
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Extend HDMI and Infra-red (IR) over 2 CAT5 with this wallplate kit that includes the transmitter, receiver, power supply and IR cables. This new version has 2 ports for the IR Emitters and one port can be used for one IR Emitter and the other port can be used for 2 IR Emitters; thus allowing you to control up to three video sources.

Note: the video below is similar to this product - but it is for the prior discontinued version. We will update the new video soon.
The wallplate has input for the HDMI and 3 IR signals and extends them using 2 CAT5 cables. Use this unit to extend HDMI and IR signals up to 175 feet for 1080i and 100 feet for 1080p resolution. The power supply and IR control cables are included with this kit. The power supply connects to the "Receiver." The wallplate fits standard designer/decora style wallplates.

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