HDMI to 2 HDMI, Male to 2 Female

HDMI to 2 HDMI, male to 2 female
HDMI to 2 HDMI, male to 2 female

HDMI to 2 HDMI, Male to 2 Female Passive Splitter or Switch.

Note: The two female receptacles (on the right hand-side) on the picture "look like" male plugs because they are "sticking out" - but if you look closely, you can see the difference between the male plug on the left and the two female receptacles.

Please note that passive splitters may or may not work with your equipment. There are many reasons why passive splitters may not work, such as distance, size of screen and other cables used. However, they can be an economical solution for splitting the signal. In addition, if the HDMI source has copy protection, this cable may not work as a splitter.

You can also consider using this adapter to connect two different HDMI sources (such as PlayStation and Satellite Receiver) and use it as a passive "selector" - as long as you do not turn on both HDMI sources at the same time, of course.

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