HDMI Active Optical (Fiber) Cables

HDMI Active Optical (Fiber) Cables
Plug-and-Play HDMI 2.0 Active Optical Cables (AOC) are hybrid copper and fiber cables that allow you to send the full, uncompressed HDMI video signal just using a cable, without the need to use converter boxes that require power and downgrade the signal. Our AOC cables send the signal over fiber-optic cables are more difficult to tap than other methods of sending signals, such as IP or copper cables, thus providing you a more secure connection.

    tvONE Active Optical Cables. See an overview to our HDMI and DisplayPort Active Optical Cables that are available in four jacket versions: PVC, Low Smoke, Zero Halogen, and Armored cables. Please scroll down to see the available lenghts.

    Introduction of Active Optical Cables

    Overview of AOC PVC cables:

    Cables with a Plenum Jacket and Zero Halogen:

    Armored Cables