Convert HDMI to AV

HDMI to AV Convertor
HDMI to AV Convertor
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    How to convert HDMI to regular audio and video?
  • The HDMI2AV converts the digital video on HDMI to regular composite video
  • The HDMI2AV extracts the digital audio on HDMI to analog stereo audio

The HDMI2AV allows you to connect HDMI sources to TVs, HDTVs, LCDs, and projectors that have a composite video and analog audio input.

  • HDMI Input
  • Composite Video Output
  • Analog Stereo Audio Output
  • PAL and NTSC video format selector
  • Powered by the HDMI signal
  • USB power required on some set-top boxes

  • Can you record the HDMI conent? If the content does not have HDMI High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) you should be able to record the content, however, if the source video has HDCP the recorded content will be basically useless.