HDMI to Component Video and Stereo Audio Converter

HDMI to Component Video & Audio
HDMI to Component Video & Audio

HDMI to Component Video and Stereo Audio Converter. This product is not HDCP Compatible.

The main purpose for the HDMI-COMPONENT is to allow you to connect equipment that has HDMI output (such as laptops, game consoles and Digital-SLR cameras) to televisions or other equipment (such as DVD recorders) that have component video and stereo audio inputs.

Note: Hardware or content that claims to have High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (HDCP) may or may not work with this product since the HDCP may or may not be active on the hardware. The input to this product is NON-HDCP.

This device maintains the aspect ratio of the original signal.

Note when used with computers: some computers that have HDMI output may require you to set up an "external monitor" as opposed to an "HDMI monitor" in order to enable the HDMI output from the computer using this box. You can set up an "external monitor" in the display settings of the graphics card.

Ships with power supply. The input on the power supply is AC 100-220V 50/60Hz and thus can be used world-wide with the corresponding plug adapter. The output is 5V DC. The power supply has the standard 2-prong US plug.

Availability: Ships same day.