Stereo Audio over Cat5 Transceiver

Stereo Audio Hi-Fi Transceiver
Stereo Audio Hi-Fi Transceiver
Item# hifibalun

The 500028 Stereo Hi-Fi Transceiver.

The 500028 allows unbalanced line level stereo analog audio to be transmitted via Category 5 unshielded copper twisted pair (UTP) in a point-to-point connection up to 3,250 ft. (1 km).

This product is also compatible with our AV Hub (500200) if you just want to distribute stereo hi-fi.

The picture shows the balun with an RJ45 receptacle on one end and the two stereo audio cables with RCA plugs to connect directly to your equipment.

The product is designed for audio applications where full-range, hi-fidelity audio frequency response is required. Used in pairs, the Stereo Hi-Fi Balun eliminates costly and bulky coaxial cable, allowing audio equipment to be connected or moved within a structured cabling environment.

Features & Benefits
- Bandwidth up to 3,250 ft.: 20Hz to 20 kHz
- Cost-efficient cabling
- Up to 3,250 ft (1km) via Cat 5 UTP
- Color-coded RCA cable leads
- Quicker moves, adds and changes

This product code is #500028, 500,028, (500028) and "500028"

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