Hulu = New Advertising Experiences: Free internet videos with commercials

Want to see short clips and full-length TV programs and Movies with commercials?

What is Hulu? Hulu is what you get when two of the biggest mind controllers (NBC Universal and News Corp) burn Through 100 million dollars to create an advertiser supporter online video service. The results are very similar to watching TV since "Advertisements appear during normal commercial breaks". What's a "normal" commercial break?

It's a good service provided you want to put up with commercials in the front-end of the movie, through-out the movie, and in the rear-end. Actually, the movies that they have available are so few that it really is amazing that its called a movie-download site.

Why was TV "free" for 50 years? Because we put up with commercials; then came cable and satellite with their subscription services; then internet video rental-download services and now the pencil-pushers at hulu figured that since we've put-up with TV advertising, we can put up with "free" commercial-supported internet television! This is not's devolution.

The "advertising supported model" of broadcast television will find it's way into all kinds of internet videos, from to streaming TV/movie services that will eventually require you to subscribe to them.