Send IP Over Coax

IP Video over Coax Kit
IP Video over Coax Kit
Item# IP-1010-KIT

The IP-1010-KIT allows you to transmit IP Video, Power and Data using existing Coaxial cable.

Transmit IP Camera Video up to 6,000 feet using coaxial cable. If you already have coaxial cable installed, there is no need to run CAT5/6 cable to send the IP signal.

- Use coaxial cable to transmit IP video
- Up to 6,000 feet.
- Can also send power over the coaxial cable up to 3000 feet.
- More economical than using fiber-optic cable.
- More economical than installing new CAT6 cable.
- Self diagnostics provide cable status and safe power supply operation.
- Up to three transmitters can be used with each receiver.
- Built-in surge protection.

The IP-1010-T transmitter & IP-1010-R receiver can transmit high quality video for long distances without interference. In addition to video, power and control data can be transmitted to the camera over one UTP (CAT5/6) cable.

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