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iPad Products
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29 million sold through September 2011.
65 million sold through May 2012. Millions and millions more sold since May 2012!

Should you get an iPad?

When it first came out many people made funny comments about it, read some below!

First, let's review some reasons why you do not need an iPad:
  1. You do not want to get iPTDs (iPad Transmittable Diseases).
  2. You do not need a portable Petri Dish. Click on the picture above for a larger view of the stuff that can grow on it. It's a perfect petri dish that can provide a warm and back-lighted environment for extra fast growth of bacteria.
  3. It does not support Adobe Flash. Any Flash content on a website will not be displayed, it will just be shown as a blank, "white space." According to some estimates over 75% of all websites have Flash content that you can't view on the iPad. As of September 2010, less then 1% of viewers visited this site with an iPad. Of the others that accessed through computers, 99.9% had Flash support.
  4. It does not support Adobe Flash Games. Ok, you will just have to waste your time (and money) playing game applications (Apps) made just for the iPad.
  5. You can't connect it to your TV. Actually, you can, using our iPad to TV and iPad to HDTV cables. However, you will only be able to view Apps that allow for video output, such as the following Apps: YouTube, Videos, and Photos. You really can't use it to surf the net and watch it on your TV. Ok, now the new iPad 2 can "mirror" the screen, but you have to connect it to a display that accepts VGA or HDMI and get the correct adapter.
  6. It does not support Flash Video. You will not be able to view videos from most websites, including millions of YouTube Flash Videos that are not played on the YouTube Application. Just because the application is called YouTube does not mean that you can actually see all the YouTube content. Anyways, why would you want to see pixelated, amaturish YouTube shinola?
  7. You can't view free flash video content form sites such as Hulu or Getmiro.com
  8. You already have an iTouch and you do not use it. Ok, this is not fair, the reason I do not use the iTouch is because I also have an iPhone, and there's no point in carrying both. Lately I have been using my iTouch and the iPad and I really like both of them, though I do not like to lug around the iPad.
  9. The iPad is heavy at 1.5 pounds and you will get tired holding it up to view it. Somebody is going to sue somebody soon for iPCTS (iPad Carlpal Tunnel Syndrome). You never had to hold your laptop's screen before!
  10. It gets hot. Well, not as hot as the Apple TV, so there's some improvement here. I now just use my Apple TV to warm up the bean dip and to make quesadillas. Which gets me to the next question, why is the iPad not called "Apple TV"? Because the name was already taken, by Apple, nonetheless.
  11. It is an expensive frisbee. You may be tempted to post on YouTube a video of you and your friends throwing it around as a frisbee. The video is certainly going to go viral.
  12. Viral? It's the perfect agent for spreading the flu and other contagious viruses and bacteria. See below about using it as a portable Petri Dish.
  13. It does not have a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. Uploading pictures to your iPad is not as easy as just plugging your camera with a USB cable. You have to upload the pictures to your Mac, open iTunes and then synch the iPad via wifi.
  14. WiFi Health Issues. Can the iPad make you infertile or give you Erectile Disfunction.? Check out how all the people hold the iPad on the advertisements, they all have the iPad resting on their private parts while reading the Winnie-the-Pooh book. I think that the iPad (with it's powerful WiFi transmitter and receiver) is just going to Poo on your Winnie. At the very least it will cause eye strain and involuntary sleep deprivation. The sleep deprivation will come because you will want to spend a lot of time with it the first week.
  15. It's an expensive Digital Picture Frame. Yes, once you synch your pictures to your iPad you will want to start the slideshow with the audio feature and just use it as a digital picture frame.
  16. It's an expensive and small LCD TV. What? TV? Yes, you can use it as TV monitor, though you can't connect your cable or satellite receiver to it, or anything else for that matter. But you can rent or buy movies from iTunes as well as download podcasts and music videos. Use it as a portable HDTV. Duct tape it to your car seat's headrest and let the kids watch a movie on your next road trip. I also downloaded the Slingbox App and watched my cable TV through the iPad. You just have to realize that lip synching is not going to happen.
  17. It does not have a way to connect a real keyboard, but it does have Bluethooth to connect to Apple's Bluetooth keyboard that will set you back at least another 49.00, plus tax. That was a really neat feature. If the keypad on the iPad does not come up, make sure that you are far away from the BlueTooth keyboard, or unsynch it, or turn it off.
  18. It does not have a way to connect a mouse. A mouse? It don't even have a cursor, you know, that little black arrow that points to things on your screen. I'm actually getting a workout holding the thing with one hand and touchscreening with the other. Who needs a Wii to workout when you can use an iPad? You know, Nintendo should really come out with remotes that you can attach weights to them.
  19. It does not have a way to print. Where's the print button? Hell, if you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard, why not print to a wifi or Bluetooth printer?
  20. Your credit cards are maxed out
  21. Your home has been foreclosed
  22. You do not have a job
Reasons why you may need an iPad:
  1. You no need no stinkin' job
  2. Your home has been foreclosed but your electricity has not been shut-off, yet.
  3. Your credit cards are just about to get maxed out
  4. You always wanted a portable Petri Dish. Yes, you can grow some serious bacteria on the surface of the iPad. I'm surprised why the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has not come out with a warning about using the iPad. With about one million iPads sold in the first month, the iPad can spread viruses and bacteria in an unprecedented, global scale. Who needs an epidemic when the iPad can create a real iPandemic? The movie Contagion should have been set at an Apple Store. It's the perfect Social Agent for transmitting viruses and bacteria, maybe even some STD. Think how fast the H1N1 (aka swine flu) virus and the e. Coli bacteria can be transmitted just by using the iPad. A little food poisoning anyone? Think twice about about touching an iPad, specially at the Apple Store - have you seen the folks who walk in there and touch the iPads on display?

    The Surgeon General should soon require mandatory warnings on all iPads, such as the following:
    • "WARNING: Use of the iPad is Dangerous to your Health"
    • "WARNING: This product has been known to spread diseases"
    • "WARNING: Wash your hands before, during and after use"
    • "WARNING: Practice safe iPading, use condoms on your fingers"
    • "WARNING: Use of this product will promote anti-social behavior"
    • "WARNING: The WiFi on the iPad can cause Erectile Disfunction"
  5. You want to satisfy your own need to belong to something, like in "I want people to see me as a cool Mac fan."
  6. You want to get it because you get a white apple decal to put in the back window of your car. I've yet to see someone put it on the windshield of their car. Hint: the decal is behind the manual that you will never read.
  7. You want to get it so you can tell everyone that it is only a really big iTouch. Ok, that is true, but there some applications that really make the iPad better than the iTouch or iPhone since the iPad can run some applications that almost make it like you could actually do some work with it. If you want to work, get a job.
  8. You already own an Apple product and want to get it, just because it's another Apple product.
  9. You got a bad case of iPad envy and are waking up in the middle of the night and can't stop the voices in your head replaying the radio commercial about a penis enlargement product. "Guys, let me say it, size matters, size matters, size matters!"
  10. You have low self esteem and feel that getting an iPad will help
  11. You are a parent and feel guilty that you do not spend enough time with your kids and you will buy them an iPad to "reward" them for whatever reason
  12. You have a sudden desire to read Winnie-the-Pooh to a pre-teen child on a battery powered piece of glass. Note: the child does not have to be yours and you do not have to be a Parent.
  13. You want to pay a lot of money to read books on the iPad sold only on the Apple Store. When was the last time you borrowed a book from your local library? In fact, when was the last time you actually read a book?
  14. You want to be seen at airports with another gadget by Apple.
  15. You have iPad envy. Yes, I said it again.

  16. We'd love to publish your reasons why you need or do not need an iPad. Email us at sales@svideo.com with the word iPad in the "subject" line.