Locking HDMI Cable 6 ft. long

Locking HDMI Cable 6ft
Locking HDMI Cable 6ft
Item# LOCK-HDMI-06
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Locking HDMI Cable 6ft
This is our Locking HDMI Cable, 6 ft.

It is rated CL2/FT4 for in-wall applications. It features 24AWG cable and has two locking HDMI connectors on each end.

The picture shows the locking hdmi connector with the metal hinges/tabs on both sides. The picture on the left shows the connector with the metal hinges closed; the next picture shows the hinges open; and, the other picture shows both connectors and the cable.

Four screws ship with the cable in order for you to screw the hinges and lock the connector. The cable can be used with or without the locking hinges.

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