Sell your products on our website.

We welcome manufacturers that want us to sell your products.

We can add your products to our website at no cost to you! We create individual webpages for each of your products.

Just provide us with your price list that includes as much of the following information on columns in an excel spreadsheet:
  • Manufacturer Name.
  • Product Category. Tell us what category of product the part belongs to, such as adapter, cable, camera, etc.
  • Part Number.
  • Part Name.
  • Part Description.
  • Price. Please provide us with the price that you would sell the product to us.
  • Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). If you have MSRP, please let us know.
  • Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). If you have MAP pricing, please let us know.
  • Product weight.
  • Minimum quantity order.

  • In addition, please provide us with a picture of the product. The picture should be in a jpeg format and the name of the picture file should be the same name as the part number; this will help in uploading the picture.

    If you have a website, please let us know the address.

    Please email your price list to