Seat-Back Electronic Tablet Organizer

Seat-Back Electronic Tablet Organizer
Item# NFK043060401F

Product Name: Seat-Back Electronic Tablet Organizer
  • Brand Name: NEATFREAK
  • Model: 043060401F
  • Adjustable top strap
  • Twist lock & snap closures to carry
  • Fits regular & mini size tablets
  • Elastic to hold pen in place
  • When closed, outer has pockets & slots for organizing
  • 100% organic, environmentally friendly everfresh enzymes built into the fabric work continuously to reduce odor
  • Dim: 10.24"H x 14.2"W x 0.6"D
  • Gray
  • Dimensions: Length_14.3 Width_11.9 Height_0.75
  • Note :
  • Note : Product is discontinued

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