P2P2U-10 Desktop Dual Power Port

P2P2U-10 Dual USB and Power Port
P2P2U-10 Dual USB and Power Port
Item# P2P2U-10-SP

P2P2U-10 Dual USB and Power Port
Our desktop power port allows for convenient access to two USB power outlets and two standard power outlets. The power port easily mounts to a desk or table and it sits 3/4" above the surface. You can easily route the 10 ft. cable to your wall outlet. If you have a cubicle, the desktop power port will fit flush with the walls of your cubicle and you can route the extension cable through the hole in your desk.

Now you do not have to crawl under your desk to look for a power outlet!

Ideal for any time you want to have USB and power outlets within easy reach on top of a table or desk. Very popular with office, schools, and hospitals. With the USB power connections within reach you do not need to carry a power supply for your smartphone or tablet, simply connect it with your USB cable. Need a USB cable? Let us know the model of your phone or tablet and we will send you a link for the optional USB cable.

Features heavy duty 14AWG 10ft power cord with right-angle power connector. Allows you to connect two USB and two standard power connections. The two USB ports provide 2.1 Amp to quickly charge smartphones, tablets & other USB devices. It has dual adjustable side-table mounting and adjust to fit desktop from 0.25" to 1.25" thick. Simply screw it on the edge of your table and you're ready to go. (Specifications: 125vAC; USB: 5vDC 2.1Amp; Color: White; 10 ft. cable with right angle power connector.)