Item# PackeTV-3

The PackeTV Software Suite includes three applications, the PackeTV Manager, the PackeTV Viewer, and the PackeTV Configuration Utility. Any or all of these applications can be installed on a Windows based PC.

The PackeTV Manager and PackeTV Viewer applications include an MPEG-2 software codec which requires a registration license (per PC) to operate past the free evaluation period. Some AVN products come with a number of free registration licenses based upon serial number and registration number. Alternatively, licenses can be purchased Through the shopping cart for $25 each. Purchasing a PackeTV registration license will add one available license to your customer account. To activate the registration license install and launch the PackeTV Manager or Viewer software and follow the on screen instructions. Note: an Internet connection is required to use the application's online registration/license system. If you wish to register/license the software without an Internet connection follow the instructions given in the Support->FAQ question "How do I register my PackeTV Manager/Viewer without being connected to the Internet?" here.

PackeTV Manager is a multifunction application that securely manages all Visionary Solutions designed IPTV products. Network administrators can query and configure encoding properties, start and stop channel streams, and configure a predefined channel list file (.ptv) for the networks IPTV content customers who are using PackeTV Viewer. PackeTV Manager and PackeTV Viewer both play and record DVD quality video and audio (MPEG-2, 30fps) files or streams, from a Windows-based PC. Other features include full channel list control and auto discovery (of AVN encoders). PackeTV Manager also supports peripheral devices, such as pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras and general purpose input output (GPIO) signals.

PackeTV Viewer is a client application that works in conjunction with Visionary Solutions IPTV hardware and PackeTV Manager. This is a simple application for use by IPTV customers on the network. Channel surf, play files, and record DVD quality video and audio (MPEG-2, 30fps) files or streams on a Windows-based PC. Use PackeTV Manager to set the channel list file (.ptv) accessible to PackeTV Viewer clients.

PackeTV Configuration Utility. The Configuration Utility enables the control and configuration of remote AVN units. IP properties can be changed, firmware can be updated, and with the new Mass Configuration Utility, multiple AVN units can have their encoding parameters changed at one time. The PackeTV Configuration Utility is a stand alone application and does not require any registration licensing to operate.

Upon Purchase we will email you the link to download the software.