Precision Instrumentation Balun - PI-101

Precision Instrumentation Balun - PI-101
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Precision Instrumentation Baluns. The PI-101 has a Female SMA to two Male SMB connectors. For the P1-102 which has two Female SMA connectors, click here.

Designed for use in testing cables, connectors and wiring systems to 3.0GHZ.

The PI-100 Series is a 3GHz instrumentation balun for testing the performance of cables or connectors designed to TIA, IEC, and related testing organization specifications. The PI-100 has a useful bandwidth of four decades, from 300KHz to 3GHz. No other instrumentation balun offers a range as wide or as high.

This Precision Instrumentation Balun is useful for a variety of tests, including insertion loss, return loss, near-end and far-end crosstalk, balance, and CMRR.

Transmission line techniques are employed to achieve bandwidths more than twice that achievable with transformer techniques, and five transmission lines are built into each balun. The unique design for the Precision Instrument Balun has been issued US Patent# 7,443,263 B2 (10/08)

Input is unbalanced 50-ohm SMA connector. Output is two unbalanced 50Ohm SMA or SMB connectors configured as a balanced 100Ohm circuit.